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Scholarship Awards Matched

AHA has for decades supported local students continuing their education with Scholarship Awards, and has added to this the David Gonzales Memorial Fund,

This year’s recipients, were each additionally gifted a matching scholarship from our keynote speaker. What a powerful story he had to tell of his struggles and journey as a migrant to become the first undocumented attorney. He and his wife generously announced a matching of funds for the students, and gave away a couple of his books to students. He spoke in both Spanish and English, reaching all family members present.

Each year AHA hosts a dinner for the students and family members, recognizing the importance of family and community support to create success for these kids.

AHA’s Education Committee plans the event, led by Diego Escutia, a former recipient himself. The committee meets to make any updates to the applications, establish a calendar of dates, review the applications, and make recommendations to the AHA board. This committee are also responsible to do some fundraising for the scholarships and appreciate your support. The AHA board also fund the scholarships in their budget planning each year. For more information on donating to the general scholarship, or David Gonzales memorial fund, or on becoming an AHA Member contact AHA by email.